Slush Badge Claim at Elisa Kulma

To get straight to business at Slush, we highly recommend that you claim your Slush Badge in advance.

Please have your ID ready when you arrive at Elisa Kulma Badge Claim point, we assist you as follows:

Sunday NOV 17 from 12AM to 4PM
Monday NOV 18 from 10AM to 8PM
Tuesday NOV 19 from 10AM to 8PM
Wednesday NOV 20 from 10AM to 8PM

Please note:
You can only pick up your own badge and wristband
. The wristband will be put on your wrist at the time of the pick-up. Do not remove your wristband as we are not able to replace lost wristbands.

Elisa Kulma, Aleksanterinkatu 19, Helsinki centre

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Aleksanterinkatu 19, 00100 HELSINKI Aukioloajat:    Ma-pe 10-19, la 10-17